A perfect cup of coffee may contain a lot of elements. Coffee bean with high quality from the best high-grown coffee regions, freshness, and appropriate roasting and grinding are the basic elements for your extraordinary experience of drinking a cup of our coffee. Hiang Kie is strongly committed to offer freshly roasted coffee beans to those parties who are caring of the moment and affection of their customers while enjoying a cup of their house or gourmet coffee.

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HKCG Coffee Roastery

HKCG Coffee Roastery takes you on a journey through the rare and exquisite of coffee where the third wave of drinking coffee began. In this series, our specialists communicate with farmers and estate owner directly, and the exotic coffee bean in specialty grade will be sourced.


Silver Mona presents to you the stories of the highest quality coffee, from the very beginning how the beautiful coffee beans are sourced to the finale when a cup tempt with you the most irresistible aroma. Let the charisma of the freshly roasted beans help you trace your muse in the labyrinth of inspiration, capturing that creative spark in the coffee -brown whirlpool.Every drip carries passion. Every sip gives relaxation, creation and perfection.

JWP Classics

Hiang Kie Coffee Group (HKCG) roasts coffee for coffee connoisseurs with hope to promote the coffee culture of “Joy With Passion - JWP.” By selecting premium quality of coffee beans from origins around the world, together with our modern roasting system and experience in coffee roasting, HKCG coffee offers different characters of blended coffee to each of our customers and share “Joy With Passion” on Coffee.

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We are coffee connoisseurs who supply top-notch beans, equipment, and coffee-loving professionals to ensure operational efficiency in your cafe.


We combine our supply of quality coffee machines and tea brewers from all over Asia with our expertise in European and American roasting techniques to provide solutions.


With hospitality as our main priority, we only distribute renowned brands of beverage equipment and deploy technicians who are experienced and well-trained.

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